Our Services

  1. Policy/Legislative Research/Study 

We extend our service to conduct assessment and establish baselines, analyze gaps, trends and also do the comparative studies. 

    1. Gap Analysis Study; 

    2. Comparative Study;

    3. Action Research;

  1. Legislative Affairs: 

Our support extends to national, sub-national as well as institutions in 

    1. Provide research, consultations, and drafting  of laws in national and sub-national level;

    2. Provide consultation of amendment proposal to federal laws; 

    3. Provide consultation on the legislative procedure and strategies at federal and provincial parliament;  

  1. Surveys

    1. Design and implement (web/mobile phone-based and paper-based) survey tools;

    2. Post-Survey data analytics and Visualisation; 

    3. Survey specific Data Visualisation Dashboard;  

  1. Data analytics

    1. Data cleaning;

    2. Data Visualisation;

    3. Data analysis

  1. Legal (National and International) Compliance Analysis/Service

    1. On issues of Human Rights; 

    2. Constitution, federal and state laws;  

  1. Technological Solutions 

    1. Design and implement technology solutions