About Us

Who are we ?

We are a group of like-minded citizens with interest and experience in Human Rights law, public administration/policy, and data analytics working together to provide solutions to various issues in governance, public policies. We work closely and in collaboration with various government entities and concerned stakeholders.    

What we do?

As a lab, we work to provide effective solutions to issues on various public policy based on data and evidence. We believe that only a data-driven and evidence-based formulation of public policy can make tangible changes on governance, public service delivery and the larger state of public affairs. 

Our Beliefs

We also strongly believe that public policy and other instruments/tools of governance and/or state affairs are dynamic and subject to change and improve with time. Hence, our solutions, which comes in various forms (be it legislation or research or technological tool) are designed to be evolutionary and adaptive to further improvement and changes. 

While data and evidence are the fundamental building block of formation of public policy and tools and instruments of governance, it is small and tactful innovations that reside at the heart of such policies and tools which determines its public acceptance, effectiveness, and desired policy results at large. At Policy Lab we focus on deriving innovations based on available data and evidence and work/recommend to implement it.                

As a lab, we are working to influence decisions that affect the lives of the public are based on facts, rather than assumptions. We envision to support policy and decision makers, develop capability improve public policy and practice, ensure good governance, and transform people’s lives for the better.

Our experts diagnose current challenges and look ahead to identify opportunities for change. And we don’t stop there ! We use our research findings to help stakeholders craft relevant solutions and strategies that address today’s concerns and avert tomorrow’s roadblocks. 

We exist to help policymakers make decisions that are based on the best available information. At the Policy Lab our results are fueled by the best data, the strongest methods, and the brightest minds.